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Published Books:

1. LEED Green Associate Exam Guide (LEED v4 GA): Comprehensive Study Materials, Sample Questions, Green Building LEED Certification, and Sustainability

ISBN-13: 9781612650180 

This  became #1 bestseller for LEED and Green Buildings on shortly after its publication, and it is still one of the bestsellers. Many of you ask us for the updated version for our LEED books. Your wait is over: "LEED Green Associate Exam Guide (LEED v4 GA)" has been published! (#ad)

2. LEED GA Mock Exams (LEEED v4): Questions, Answers, and Explanations: A Must-Have for the LEED Green Associate Exam, Green Building LEED Certification, and Sustainability. Book 2: Green Associate Exam Guide Series.

This book is a companion to LEED Green Associate Exam Guide (LEED GA).

3. LEED v4 BD&C EXAM GUIDE: A Must-Have for the LEED AP BD+C Exam: Study Materials, Sample Questions, Green Building Design and Construction, LEED Certification, and Sustainability

ISBN: 9781612650173

This book became #1 bestseller for LEED BD+C on shortly after its publication, and it is still one of the bestsellers (#ad).

4. LEED v4 BD&C Mock Exam,  includes 200 mock exam questions (LEED v4). Check it out (#ad):

5. LEED v4 AP ID+C MOCK EXAM: Questions, Answers, and Explanations: A Must-Have for the LEED AP ID+C Exam, Green Building LEED Certification, and Sustainability (#ad)

ISBN-13: 9781612650319

6. LEED v4 AP O+M MOCK EXAM: Questions, Answers, and Explanations: A Must-Have for the LEED AP O+M Exam, Green Building LEED Certification, and Sustainability (#ad)

ISBN-13: 9781612650302

7. Practice Management (PcM) ARE 5.0 Exam Guide (Architect Registration Examination): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Guide, and Critical Content(#ad)


8. Practice Management (PcM) ARE 5.0 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Examination): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Hot Spots, Case Studies, Drag-and-Place, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650388

9. Project Management (PjM) ARE 5.0 Exam Guide (Architect Registration Examination): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Guide, and Critical Content (#ad)
ISBN: 9781612650418

10. Project Management (PjM) ARE 5.0 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Examination): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Hot Spots, Case Studies, Drag-and-Place, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650371

11. Programming & Analysis (PA) ARE 5.0 Exam Guide (Architect Registration Examination): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Guide, and Critical Content (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650487

12. Programming & Analysis (PA) ARE 5.0 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Exam):  ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Hot Spots, Case Studies, Drag-and-Place, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN:  9781612650326

13. Project Planning & Design (PPD) ARE 5.0 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Examination): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Hot Spots, Case Studies, Drag-and-Place, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650296  

14. Project Development & Documentation (PDD) ARE 5 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Exam): ARE 5 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Hot Spots, Case Studies, Drag-and-Place, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650258

15. Construction and Evaluation (CE) ARE 5 Exam Guide (Architect Registration Exam): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Guide, and Critical Content. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650432

16. Construction & Evaluation (CE) ARE 5.0 Mock Exam (Architect Registration Exam): ARE 5.0 Overview, Exam Prep Tips, Hot Spots, Case Studies, Drag-and-Place, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN13: 9781612650241  

17. Mock California Supplemental Exam (CSE of Architect Registration Exam): CSE Overview, Exam Prep Tips, General Section and Project Scenario Section, Questions, Solutions and Explanations. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650159     


18. Architectural Practice Simplified: A Survival Guide and Checklists for Building Construction and Site Improvements as well as Tips on Architecture, Building Design, Construction and Project Management (#ad)

ISBN: 9781432711894


19. The 2nd edition of Architectural Practice Simplified has been published!

We have created a new cover and new title for the 2nd edition. It is selling at a special promotional price(#ad):

ISBN: 978098437414

20. Planting Design Illustrated: A Must-Have for Landscape Architecture: A Holistic Garden Design Guide with Architectural and Horticultural Insight, and Ideas from Famous Gardens in Major Civilizations (#ad)
ISBN: 978098437419

The 1st edition of this book became #1 bestseller for Planting Design on shortly after its publication, and it is still one of the bestsellers. It is also a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award Finalist. The 2nd edition is an improved and expanded edition. (#ad)

21. Using FREE Scribus Software to Create Professional Presentations: Book Covers, Magazine Covers, Graphic Designs, Posters, Newsletters, Renderings, and More (Full Color Edition), Published December 12, 2010. (#ad)

22. Sheet Music for Album No. 1, Your Eyes Have Told Me Everything: Music Scores & Lyrics in English & in Chinese for the Love Songs by Gang Chen Series. (#ad)

ISBN: 9781612650166

What others are saying about LEED Green Associate Exam Guide...

"Finally! A comprehensive study tool for LEED GA Prep!

"I took the one-day Green LEED Green Associate course and walked away with a power point binder printed in very small print, which was missing MUCH of the required information (although I didn't know it at the time). I studied my little heart out and took the test, only to fail it by 1 point. Turns out I did NOT study all the material I needed to in order to pass the test. I found this book, read it, marked it up, retook the test, and passed it with a 95%. Look, we all know the LEED Green Associate Exam is new and the resources for study are VERY limited. This one is the VERY best out there right now. I highly recommend it."    
---Consultant VA


"Complete overview for the LEED Green Associate exam

"I studied this book for about three days and passed the exam. If you are truly interested in learning about the LEED system and green building design, this is a great place to start."

---K.A. Evans

"Very effective study guide

"I purchased both this study guide and Mr. Chen's LEED GA Mock Exams book and found them to be excellent tools for preparing for the LEED Green Associate Exam. While Mr. Chen's LEED Green Associate Exam Guide is not perfect (in that it's not the most user-friendly presentation of the material), it was very effective in at least presenting most, if not all, of the topics that the exam touched upon. While I wouldn't necessarily recommend my abbreviated strategy for preparing for the exam, the following worked for me: I read through the exam guide a couple of times (but not word for word), took the mock exam and referenced the guide for explanations for any wrong answers, did the same for the two mock exams in Mr. Chen's LEED GA Mock Exams book, flipped through the documents that Mr. Chen recommends, and took two other web-based mock exams that I purchased on eBay. Literally after ten hours of preparation time, I took the actual exam and passed with a 189, thanks in large part to Mr. Chen's books. If I decide to take one of the LEED AP exams in the future, I will definitely be picking up more of Mr. Chen's study materials."

---shwee "shwee"


"Only study guide needed to pass on your first try

"I don't write reviews, but I'm compelled to for this purchase. This was the only book I read and studied to prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam, and passed with ease on the first try today. I was over prepared for the exam by using this study guide, which is what I wanted on exam day. I bought the book, read it three times, learned a lot of good information, saved valuable time, and passed on the first try. By the way, I'm not a good test taker. I don't agree with any of the negative reviews that are posted... I'm glad I ignored those when I made the purchase and went with the majority. THIS PRODUCT DELIVERED THE RESULTS, CASE CLOSED. I'll be buying his LEED AP BD&C Exam Guide to prepare for the specialty exam. Thank you, Mr. Gang Chen!"



"I just finished taking the LEED Green Associate Exam and, thankfully, I passed it on the first try by using this book as my primary study guide...I particularly liked the way the author organized the information within it."

---Lewis Colon



"Just what is needed

"I'm glad I used this book for my LEED Green Associate test, which I passed today. I tried other resources (stay away from the USGBC ones on their website!) but none were as organized as this book. When you're studying to pass the exam, you just need to know what to memorize (this would be different if you are trying to learn the concepts for work, which I think you're better off getting LEED project work experience!). Gang Chen's book gives you most of what you need to memorize in the core 120+ pages as opposed to other resources that are 250 pages full of fluff. Just remember, you only need to answer about 60% of the questions correct to pass the exam...


My tip is to get this book, read it three times (yes, three) to memorize the facts, take the mock test included to see where you need to improvement, and do a little outside research. You just need a 60% passing score..."

---N. Kong


"Best LEED Green Associate Study Package

"This book is easy to read, and successfully gives you a much needed crash course on literally, how to study (for this exam and any other exam for that matter) and how to use the material provided most efficiently; the material in this book is able to zoom in on the most important items required to pass the exam, and deliver each item in a way which seems less technical and easier to remember (the bottom line). This book is one of a kind at the time of this review, and could be the most affordable tutor available."

---P O "philz"


"My name is Elizabeth (last name deleted to protect her privacy) and I am a junior at the University of....(college name deleted to protect her privacy). This summer I attained an internship with Kath Williams and Associates, a collaborative of creative independent contractors who come together to support innovative green projects, to learn about sustainable building. At the beginning of July I spoke with Kath about taking the LEED Green Associate Exam. After having no prior experience in sustainable architecture or LEED buildings I used both your review book and the study guides by USGBC as my study references. I wanted to e-mail to thank you for such a comprehensive review guide that was enormously helpful in passing the exam. Without your guide I don't know if I would have passed. Thank you so much."



"A Great Book for Preparing the LEED exam!

"I have read almost all the books for LEED exams, and found LEED Exam Guide series to be the best. The USGBC Reference Guide was too detailed and kind of confusing. Some other third party books have too many grammatical mistakes, are hard to understand, and have way too many questions. The questions in those books are confusing instead of helpful. The USGBC workshop missed some of the very important information, like extra credits.

LEED Exam Guide series gives you just the right amount of information for you to pass the LEED exam. Each book in the series includes study materials, sample questions and answers, as well as mock exam and answers for a specific LEED exam. It also gives you the most information for you to get your building LEED certified. A Great book!"



"A Wonderful Guide for the LEED Green Associate Exam

"After deciding to take the LEED Green Associate Exam, I started to look for the best possible study materials and resources. From what I thought would be a relatively easy task, it turned into a tedious endeavor. I realized that there are vast amounts of third-party guides and handbooks. Since the official sites offer little to no help, it became clear to me that my best chance to succeed and pass this exam would be to find the most comprehensive study guide that would not only teach me the topics, but would also give me a great background and understanding of what LEED actually is. Once I stumbled upon Mr. Chen?s book, all my needs were answered. This is a great study guide that will give the reader the most complete view of the LEED exam and all that it entails.


The book is written in an easy-to-understand language and brings up great examples, tying the material to the real world. The information is presented in a coherent and logical way, which optimizes the learning process and does not go into details that will not be needed for the LEED Green Associate Exam, as many other guides do. This book stays dead on topic and keeps the reader interested in the material.


I highly recommend this book to anyone that is considering the LEED Green Associate Exam. I learned a great deal from this guide, and I am feeling very confident about my chances for passing my upcoming exam."

---Pavel Geystrin


"Like other books in the LEED Exam Guide series, this is a great timesaver! The important information that you need to memorize is already highlighted / underlined by the author. This really saved me a lot of time. I love it! A Great Timesaver!"



"Easy to read, easy to understand

"I have read through the book once and found it to be the perfect study guide for me. The author does a great job of helping you get into the right frame of mind for the content of the exam. I had started by studying the Green Building Design and Construction reference guide for LEED projects produced by the USGBC. That was the wrong approach, simply too much information with very little retention. At hundred of pages in textbook format, it would have been a daunting task to get through it. Gang Chen breaks down the points, helping to minimize the amount of information but maximizing the content I was able to absorb. I plan on going through the book a few more times, and I now believe I have the right information to pass the LEED Green Associate Exam."

---Brian Hochstein


"All in one LEED GA prep material

"Since the LEED Green Associate Exam is a newer addition by USGBC, there is not much information regarding study material for this exam. When I started looking around for material, I got really confused about what material I should buy. This LEED GA guide by Gang Chen is an answer to all my worries! It is a very precise book with lots of information, like how to approach the exam, what to study and what to skip, links to online material, and tips and tricks for passing the exam. It is like the 'one stop shop' for the LEED Green Associate Exam. I think this book can also be a good reference guide for green building professionals. A must-have!"



"I'm giving this book 5 stars, as it accomplishes exactly what the author promises. Read it multiple times and memorize the key points/stats/figures, and you will be poised to pass the test."

---R. C. O'Brien



"Useful Study Guide

"The book is by far the most useful study guide I've purchased for the LEED GA exam. The other books were far too vague and did not approach the kind of pragmatic detail you'd need to pass."



"Really Helpful

"I purchased other exam preparation books for the LEED GA test and none of the others compared to this one. The layout and content of this book was much easier to use than the books from the USGBC. This book is all I needed to pass the test with its study tools like sample questions and exams. All in all a great buy!"



"Wonderful Resource!

"This book is well organized and concise. The material is completely relevant and truly is what helped me to pass the LEED Green Associate Exam! I used this book as my primary study material and found it more than sufficient. I recommend this book to anyone preparing to take the LEED GA exam!"      

---Joel I. Semel          


"With this book, plus the little red book, LEED Green Associate Mock Exams, (also by Gang Chen) combined with all the free PDF downloads printed from the USGBC website, I passed my LEED GA exam on the first try! Gang Chen's books provide a concise and organized framework of all the info you need...Highly recommended."        

---Sarah Bartz          


"Excellent resource!       

"I reviewed this book and memorized the charts and passed on the first try! This along with the practice exams by Gang Chen were all that I needed and included valuable tips for studying and additional (free) publications to refer to. This was an excellent purchase."

---K. Lairet    


"Great Study guide. Will DEFINITELY help you pass the exam!

"I took the LEED Green Associate Exam this morning and passed with a score of 190/200. I used this book as my primary study tool. The only other thing I did was to read the Green Associates handbook and I used the LEED NC Reference Guide to check the information in the book. The book is broken down very well for studying making it much easier to memorize the data. The practice exam will prepare you well. It is much harder than the real exam. There was a lot of information in this book that showed up on the exam that I would not have known had I not read it.      

My basic study schedule was about one day of reading the nontechnical chapters, one day devoted to the technical chapter about credits, and then the morning of the test to review my highlighted notes. I think if anyone studies this book until they pass the mock exam (I scored about a 70/100) and feel comfortable then they will be over prepared for the actual exam."

---K. Mitchell "Kmitchell"  

What others are saying about LEED GA Mock Exam (LEED v4)...


"My friend had told me about this book a week before my 2nd exam (yes I failed it the first time by one point could you believe it?) and it was a great learning tool! It really asked thorough questions and gave detailed explanations to the answers. If you can do good on these mock exams, you will do great on the real test! This guide really makes you utilize your knowledge and skill, other materials I had purchased prior to this were quite vague and uninformative, but this did the trick! Thanks Gang!"



"Good book...

"I just pass the test with 183. The questions are more difficult that the ones that I saw in the test...That is good if you want to be sure that you will pass..."

---Omar Reyes


"Nailed that LEED GA on the first try!

"With this book, plus the 'LEED Green Associate Exam Guide' (also by Gang Chen) combined with all the free .PDF downloads printed from the USGBC website, I passed my LEED GA exam on the first attempt! This little book has 2 full mock-exams you can test yourself on throughout your studying to gauge when you are primed & ready to take the exam...Highly recommended."

---Sarah Bartz

"Excellent Guide, Tougher than the Actual Exam!

"I found this and the supplemental 'LEED Green Associate Exam Guide' to be extraordinarily helpful. I read both books and glanced at a couple online documents, but otherwise I relied purely on this books and passed with flying colors. I scored about a 65% on both of these mock exams the day before I took the exam and scored about a 91% on the actual thing. I was more than prepared for the LEED Green Associate Exam and couldn't be happier. I'll take a pass any day! Also, I think that these exams, while not flawless, help you on your way to become a LEED AP with Specialty, helping make sure you know MORE than is needed on this first, easier part of the exam. I would definitely recommend this and the accompanying guide, especially if you're on a tight schedule (I budgeted two weeks over the Thanksgiving holiday and found it to be a pretty good time table). Good luck and think Green!"

---Austin Curtiss Rice


"Such a great tool

"I passed the exam at the first attempt. These mock exams helped me to learn how to tackle the problems and which areas I should focus on! I worked with another book of the author also. It took 2-3 weeks for my preparation."



"Great news, I passed!

"'LEED GA Mock Exams' is a great book for assessing progress in your efforts to study and pass the LEED Green Associate Exam. Not only is it a method of testing and self assessment, but it is also an educational tool. Personally I found that using 'LEED GA Mock Exams' helped in my passing the LEED Green Associate Exam on the first attempt because it tested me on the portions of the exam that seemed more obscure and slightly harder than others. The book doubles as an educational medium because of the answer explanations. There isn't simply a list of correct answers in the back of the book. However, there are deep rooted explanations accompanying the correct answer choice. As an educator and business professional I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking to take and pass the LEED GA exam on the first attempt. I found using this book in conjunction with other study materials was what afforded me the ability of passing the LEED GA exam. Good luck in passing your LEED GA exam and buy this book!"
---Luke Ferland        

"Preparing for LEED GA Exam    
"This book provides several key points that I think will be crucial in my preparation for taking the LEED Green Associate Exam in the next month. Like many similar test prep guides, Mr. Chen cites the resources that will be useful to study. But he goes beyond this and differentiates which ones must memorize and those you must be at least familiar with. In this way, he is trying to give you the tools to streamline your study efforts for the best results. He is very aware that most individuals looking to take this exam are already working a 40 hour week and he wants you to invest your time wisely and efficiently.

Throughout this book Mr. Chen stresses that the primary keys to success are 1) to study in such a way that builds your confidence and 2) to time the taking of the exam so that this knowledge is still present in your consciousness. I am looking forward to also reading his 'LEED Green Associate Exam Guide.'" 

"Review of Gang Chen's LEED GA Mock Exams           
"Studying for any LEED exam is an arduous task. Chen's 'LEED GA Mock Exams' is a good study aid in helping you prepare for the LEED GA exam. The questions are designed to test your understanding of the principles; and the answers found at the end of the section provide further explanation so you can better grasp the principle. This is a great way to reinforce your memory. Read 'LEED GA Mock Exams' before you start studying other resource materials. It will serve to bring your attention to the information that you are most likely to be asked on the exam as you come across it in your studying.     

I also found the information and links to other resources very helpful. It is a comprehensive list of "must read" information for anyone studying for the LEED exams. Chen has done the research and review to provide the ones that will be most useful.

I found his 'LEED GA Mock Exams' easy to read and use and recommend it to anyone preparing for the LEED GA exam."     
---Mike Kwon           

"Helpful Practice Exams     
"I am in the process of studying for the LEED GA exam and have been finding overall that there is a confusing array of study guides and suggestions from USGBC. This brought me to look for other study outlets and I was glad to find this book. It is very clear and easy to use. The book is written in a succinct and easy to digest form and has clarified some confusing points. The book contains two full practice exams. The answer key has detailed explanations for each correct point. The book also includes frequently asked questions, and appendixes with useful additional resources. There is also an index which makes it very easy to look up particular issues. I would recommend this book to someone who is looking for practice exams for the LEED GA test."
---Green Danny        

"LEED as a language          
"LEED is a language, a new way of 'speaking' (and thinking) about our relationship to our world in general and our buildings in particular. This new language, as with all things new, presents challenges to the established order - in my case the order of my professional practice.     
Gang Chen's new book, 'LEED GA Mock Exams' is proving itself to be an excellent training tool for me as I learn to master the language of LEED.         

A recent NY Times article (Personal Best - the Secrets of Elite Athletes - 18 Oct 2010 made the following observations,  

"Elite runners will examine a course, running it before they race it..."

'LEED GA Mock Exams' is designed to concentrate on increasing the intensity of your study efforts, examine the course, run it before you race it - providing the format and substance for the practice that leads to the experience needed to get this new language right."  
---Howard Patrick (Pat) Barry, AIA NCARB, Barry Associates Architects     

"On the tougher side
"I found these exams to be quite tougher compared to the others I took a look at, which is good as it made me prepare for the worst I would definitely recommend using these mock exams. Also in-depth explanations at the end make your basics quite clear. I ultimately passed with 181 with 3 weeks of study. Best wishes to all."         

"Great Resource!         
"This book is a great resource for anyone studying for the LEED GA exam!       
Almost as important as learning the material is learning to 'test well.'  Learning to read a test question and think clearly in the testing environment is critically important for passing the LEED GA exam as well as the LEED AP with specialty exams."     

What others are saying about LEED BD&C EXAM Guide...


"Not a bulky ref guide
"This book ("LEED BD&C EXAM GUIDE") does a great job in highlighting and summarizing the key points and concepts in USGBC ref guide. If you only have limited amount of time for AP exam preparation, definitely go for this book."

"Immensely valuable and utterly to the point, a true must have!
This is an excellent publication by Gang Chen that outlines precisely all the key points one need for success. I personally appreciate the easy to adopt memorization technique offered by the author. Practice exams are very comprehensive yet summarized and not to mention highly effective learning tool as it is designed in this book. It is a very delightful experience for me to have this outstanding publication. In a word, this definitely worth the money and for me it turns out extraordinarily helpful.
---Shanaz, who passed LEED AP BD+C Exam on the first try

"Very Helpful!
"I found the book ("LEED BD&C EXAM GUIDE") to be very detailed and very helpful. I plan to take the exam soon, and I feel fully prepared for it."
--- Yousuf Asadzoi

"Good book!
"I had appeared for GA and passed. I loved the content and the underlined highlights. I read your book; it gave me insight and knowledge on how credits are applied. Some questions in your book helped me answer ones on the test. Good book, I'll go through it once again when I appear for AP."
---Haresh Vibhakar, AIIA (India ), AIA, LEED Green Associate, Architect

What others are saying about LEED BD&C Mock Exam...

"A Valuable Book!

"The Green Building Certification Institute's LEED AP BD+C Exam have been developed to identify those professionals who have participated in the design and construction of energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings.         

This book consists of two complete practice examinations that mimic the actual tests used. Then the correct answers to the questions are given and finally there is a short discussion on each question as to why the correct answer is correct.       

This book should not be the first or the only book you use in preparation for the LEED AP BD+C Exam. First you should study the appropriate reference material, a list of which is given in the book. Then the sample exams can identify the areas in which you have trouble.     

I recommend this book to everybody that wants to pass the LEED exam with no worries."



"A Good Book!

"This is a very useful book. It provides general, entertaining, informative, educational and enlightening content about the LEED AP BD&C Exam and green Building LEED Certification. It not only has the LEED AP BD&C Mock Exam, but also has the answers and Explanations for the Mock Exam. Some of the answers have the detailed calculations to make the answers more understandable... "

---Tao Wang

What others are saying about ARE Mock Exam series & ARE Exam Guide series...


"Great study guide

"This was a great resource supplement to my other study resources. I appreciated the mock exam questions the most, and the solutions offer an explanation as to why the answer is correct. I will definitely check out his other ARE exam resources!


UPDATE: Got my PASS Letter!"

---Sean Primeaux


"Tried everything 4 times before reading this book and PASSED!

"I had failed this exam 4 times prior to getting this book?I had zero clue as to what I was doing wrong. I read Ballast, Kaplan and random things on the forum but for the life of me couldn't pin point where I was missing it until I read THIS BOOK! Gang did an excellent job?I remember going through the ramp and reading Gang's book and saying Ohhhh like 4 or 5 times. I read his book several times until I became comfortable with the information. I went in on test day and it was a breeze. I remember walking out of there thinking I couldn't believe I struggled so much before. The tips in here are priceless! I strongly recommend this book!"


"Add this to your ARE study

"This was a very helpful practice exam and discussion. I really appreciated the step-by-step review of the author's approach... As I studied it last before taking the test, Gang Chen's book probably made the difference for me."

---Dan Clowes ("XLine")


"Good supplemental mock exam

"I found the mock exam to be very helpful, all of the answers are explained thoroughly and really help you understand why it is correct...Also the introduction and test taking tips are very helpful for new candidates just starting the ARE process."



"Essential Study Tool

"I have read the book and found it to be a great study guide for myself. Mr. Gang Chen does such a great job of helping you get into the right frame of mind for the content of the exam. Mr. Chen breaks down the points on what should be studied and how to improve your chances of a pass with his knowledge and tips for the exam and practice vignettes.


I highly recommend this book to anyone?it is an invaluable tool in the preparation for the exam as Mr. Chen provides a vast amount of knowledge in a very clear, concise, and logical matter."

---Luke Giaccio


"Wish I had this book earlier
"...The questions are written like the NCARB questions, with various types...check all that apply, fill in the blank, best answer, etc. The answer key helpfully describes why the correct answer is correct, and why the incorrect answers are not. Take it from my experience, at half the cost of other mock exams, this is a must buy if you want to pass..."
---Domiane Forte ("Vitruvian Duck")


"This book did exactly like the others said.

"This book did exactly like the others said. It is immensely helpful with the explanation... There are so many codes to incorporate, but Chen simplifies it into a methodical process. Bought it and just found out I passed. I would recommend."



"It was the reason I passed.

"This book was a huge help. I passed the AREs recently and I felt this book gave me really good explanations for each answer. It was the reason I passed."

---Amazon Customer


"Great Practice Exam
" For me, it was difficult to not be overwhelmed by the amount of content covered by the Exam. This Mock Exam is the perfect tool to keep you focused on the content that matters and to evaluate what you know and what you need to study. It definitely helped me pass the exam!!"
?Michael Harvey (?Harv?)


"One of the best practice exams

"Excellent study guide with study tips, general test info, and recommended study resources. Hands down one of the best practice exams that I have come across for this exam. Most importantly, the practice exam includes in depth explanations of answers. Definitely recommended."
---Taylor Cupp


"Great Supplement!

"This publication was very helpful in my preparation for my BS exam. It contained a mock exam, followed by the answers and brief explanations to the answers. I would recommend this as an additional study material for this exam."

---Cynthia Zorrilla-Canteros ("czcante")


"When I first began to prepare for this exam; the number of content areas seemed overwhelming and daunting at best. However, this guide clearly dissected each content area into small management components. Of all the study guides currently available for this test - this exam not only included numerous resources (web links, you tube clips, etc..), but also the sample test was extremely helpful. The sample test incorporated a nice balance of diagrams, calculations and general concepts - this book allowed me to highlight any "weak" content areas I had prior to the real exam. In short - this is an awesome book!"
---Rachel Casey (RC)

What others are saying about Building Construction (or Architectural Practice Simplified, 2nd edition)...


"Exceptional for what it does

"If I were becoming an architect, I'd want this on my bookshelf... but actually it wouldn't be there long. I'd have it opened every day! Table of Contents alone is an education in what's important and where to go. All in all, it's a thorough and yet digestible treatment about becoming an architect from which any student, intern and even newly licensed professional could glean helpful information and advice."

---S. Freeman


"Gang Chen hits it on the spot!
"In a world of books that contain the words Architectural Practice, Gang Chen's book stands apart. They say the time it takes for a person to decide if a technical book is good or not is a few minutes. Go to any page of this book and you will find something useful. When I made the transition from school to a full time job at an Architectural firm, every day was a nightmare since I would find a hundred things that I didn?t know. I wish I had this book at that point. This is a must read and must have for someone making this transition from education to real world practice. Architecture is not just about design but all also the numerous other processes which make it a whole. "Architectural Practice Simplified" makes you aware of those processes which you were not taught at school.

I could write a long essay about why you should buy this book, or I can summarize it one sentence. True to its title, this book does simplify the practice of Architecture into its most simple blocks!"

---Prashanth K. Mahakali

"Great Source of Information

"I really enjoyed reading "Architectural Practice Simplified." The language is simple and coveys a lot...a fabulous survival guide for all of us. Thumbs up..."

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  • "I PASSED!!! Having Gang Chen's book helped out greatly the second time around. I did not have this resource the first time taking the exam. So, I would highly recommend it for t..."
    -----James Lushbough


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