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Quotes It ("Planting Design Illustrated") is a great reference book for the designer as well as a good gift book for the serious amateur gardener. Quotes
Stephen J. Trudnak, FASLA
A great reference book

Quotes I really enjoyed reading "Architectural Practice Simplified." The language is simple and coveys a lot. It is very useful for aspiring architects in the Industry. In short its a fabulous survival guide for all of us. Thumbs up for the book. Quotes
Great Source Of Information

Quotes Go to any page of this book ("Architectural Practice Simplified") and you will find something useful. When I made the transition from school to a full time job at an Architectural firm, every day was a nightmare since I would find a hundred things that I didnt know. I wish I had this book at that point. This is a must read and must have for someone making this transition from education to real world practice. Architecture is not just about design but all also the numerous other processes which make it a whole. "Architectural Practice Simplified" makes you aware of those processes which you were not taught at school. Quotes
Prashanth K. Mahakali
Gang Chen hits it on the spot!

Quotes It ("Architectural Practice Simplified") provides not only a transition from school to office, but it is also a complete and helpful checklist for day to day architectural practice. It is easy to understand, remember, and apply. Through it, you can understand how a project can be easily run. I found that much of the experience I gained from working in an architectural firm for a number of years is summarized and concisely presented here. Very practical, highly recommended. Quotes
Yingchun Lu "Eileen"
A Practical Guide

Quotes This book ("Architectural Practice Simplified") was easy to read and follow. I found all the check lists very helpful. I would recommend this book to any one making the transition from school into the working field or someone who just started working. It summarizes all aspects of the business of architecture, from client interaction to project management. Quotes
A great book!!!

Quotes This book ("LEED BD&C EXAM GUIDE") does a great job in highlighting and summarizing the key points and concepts in USGBC ref guide. If you only have limited amount of time for AP exam preparation, definitely go for this book. Quotes
Not a bulky ref guide

Quotes I am a lighting designer and am preparing to take the LEED BD+C exam. A few years ago I had taken the LEED 2.0 beta test and unfortunately did not pass it. I got this guide ("LEED BD&C EXAM GUIDE") to prepare for the 3.0 version and it was fairly well organized to help me refresh my memory on the background LEED knowledge I had. All the specifics that one needs to know about each credit such as the Purpose of the credit, Credit path, Submittals, Strategies and technologies etc, are clearly organized for every credit. In addition the author also employs the smart technique of Mnemonics which helps in memorizing the vast amount of information in a simplified manner. Quotes
visswapriya prabakar
Very valuable guide!

Quotes I found the book ("LEED BD&C EXAM GUIDE") to be very detailed and very helpful. I plan to take the exam soon, and I feel fully prepared for it. Quotes
Yousuf Asadzoi
Very Helpful

Quotes If you are considering taking the LEED EBOM exam this book ("LEED O&M MOCK EXAM") is indespensible. Chock full of mock test questions that simulate the actual exam to a tee. This book should be your first stop on the road to your LEED AP O&M...and then your last stop. Learn what's offered in this fine publication and you'll be well on your way towards your goal. Highly recommended. Quotes
Neil Rosen, AIA, LEED AP BD + C
Must read for those seeking LEED AP O& M

Quotes This book ("LEED ID&C Exam Guide") is a great study guide for preparing you for the LEED test. It takes out the unnecessary information and gives you the information you'll need to know in order to pass the exam. It was not overwhelming like other study materials I have read. It also contains sample questions that are very helpful! Quotes
Danielle Lee Darczy
Great Study Material