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Quotes I read this book ("LEED ID&C Exam Guide") with the goal of understanding the scope and style of the LEED exam. I plan to take the exam within the next 12 months and wanted to make sure I had time to do any remedial studying. This book really delivered on my goal. I am pretty comfortable with the knowledge/information scope required for the exam as well as the style of testing. The book really helped me structure the huge amount of information that is covered in the exam -- there are numerous tips for studying and remembering information that are really quite helpful... Quotes
S. Minchuk
Sub-title says it all

Quotes Overall, I am pleased with this book ("LEED ID&C Exam Guide") and will continue to use it as I prepare for my LEED certification exams. Quotes
Tara Oakes
Great Way to Begin The LEED Study Process

Quotes Like many similar test prep guides, Mr. Chen cites the resources that will be useful to study. But he goes beyond this and differentiates which ones must memorize and those you must be at least familiar with. Quotes
Preparing for LEED GA Exam

Quotes Elite runners will examine a course, running it before they race it...This book ("LEED GA Mock Exams" ) is designed to concentrate on increasing the intensity of your study efforts, examine the course, run it before you race it... Quotes
Howard Patrick (Pat) Barry, AIA NCARB
LEED as a language

Quotes Great news, I passed!!! As an educator and business professional I would absolutely recommend "LEED GA Mock Exams" to anyone looking to take and pass the LEED GA exam on the first attempt. Quotes
Luke Ferland
Great news, I passed!!!
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